David Sigloch


David Sigloch


Interaction Designer

from Stuttgart, Germany.

User Centered Interfaces

and Journeys with

empathy and playfulness.








Hobby Project

The Decider is just a small side project of mine, that despite its simplicity helps me everyday to divide on ordinary things. It’s a little device that helps you decide between up to 24 things.HardwareI used an LED ring as a base and constructed the PCB inside it. An Arduino functions as the main controller, which randomly decides for the user. On the front there are two inputs for the user.    A potentiometer to in- or decrease the amount of things you want to choose from.    A Button to initiate the randomization.

As a feedback I installed a little vibration motor.On the back of the PCB is a battery to keep it alive. The Code was easy to program an includes a library that controls the LEDs. I added a little animation to create anticipation for the user.I use it daily to decide what film I should watch, so I recommend it to anyone, that wants to have a little fun prototyping.