David Sigloch


David Sigloch


Interaction Designer

from Stuttgart, Germany.

User Centered Interfaces

and Journeys with

empathy and playfulness.








2th Semester

The project of the second semester was themed „non human“ design.

That means that the project has to be free of any human traces like text, buttons or human interaction devices. The curse was named three dimensional design, so our project had to include three dimensional elements. All students of the curse designed an interface with simple physical basics.

For our project we settled on two modes. The first one was the activation Phase. When you turn a sphere you travel thru an wormhole that speeds up the more you turn the interaction sphere. Eventually you end up in the second phase. Her the user can change certain settings of two spheres. All actions come with audio elements.

We made the digital part with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and an Library called p5.js.

The analog part was an mouse that is upside down an lies beneath a bowling ball, that is supported with ball-bearing. That made it possible to track the movement of the bowling ball and implement it in the code.

The project was supervised by Prof. Dr. Franklin Fernández-Castro.