David Sigloch


David Sigloch


Interaction Designer

from Stuttgart, Germany.

User Centered Interfaces

and Journeys with

empathy and playfulness.







Rick & Morty

2th Semester

In my 2th semester we had a course called „programmed design“, in which we had to program a Datavisualisation with JavaScript.

Another subject of the task was to avoid any Text, Icons or associations like for example raindrops. The Code had access to a Database we could freely choose.

I chose a Database based on the Rick and Morty Cartoon Series.

The database the code had access to includes characters that appear in each season, along with their corresponding episode, name, location, gender, and whether that character is dead or alive. I sorted the database with a Python Script and got the necessary values for my visualization. The visualization was divided into the, at the time, 3 Seasons. In a Season Block, all characters are represented with a dot. The different colors indicate different information. If you move the mouse to the upper quarter of the screen, the allocation of dead (red) and alive (green) characters was displayed. Therefore the brutality of the different seasons could be compared. Another mode of information show the different Rick and Morty variants that play a major role in the cartoon. The last modes where the visualization of male and female characters and the frequency of their occurrence, in which you can distinguish main and secondary characters. 

Furthermore, the data visualization offers an overview of individual episodes with a zoom click. The project was implemented with JavaScript, HTML and CSS.