David Sigloch


David Sigloch


Interaction Designer

from Stuttgart, Germany.

User Centered Interfaces

and Journeys with

empathy and playfulness.







Space Race

2th Semester

The goal of the project was to create an interactive communication-system, like you would see it in a museum. Our main goal was to make the information understandable and fun to explore. Our topic was the Space Race from 1957 - 1975.

To make this topic fun to explore, we created a game where you can fly through all the important missions of the space race. The missions where split in the two nations, USA and UDSSR, that translate to left and right.

We created our Software with the Unity game Engine with a little bit of C# programming.

The Game gets the User Input from a little Joystick we build from an Arduino. This Controller was cased with a 3d print.

For a week we presented our project on an exhibition in a club called „Gleis 44“.

For this exhibition we programmed a survey at the end of our game, so we could see, what the guests through of the Space Race and which nation, in their opinion, won the Space Race.